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February Community Highlights

February 28, '24: NKSD Superintendent Evans appeared in Kitsap County District Court where she entered into a pretrial agreement following her misdemeanor charge of removing or defacing political advertising. Evans must pay restitution costs for the signs, not commit another criminal violation for six months, and comply with a no contact order against the individuals who reported the sign incident. Judge Jahns emphasized if Evans violated the agreement the case would go to trial and it was very likely Evans would serve jail time. Evans is currently on medical leave with NKSD, Kim Davenport has assumed responsibility as Acting Superintendent, and NKSD school board has not yet made a decision re Evans' future with the district.

February, '24: NKSD Superintendent Laurynn Evans investigated by police on January 26th for alleged destruction of campaign signs opposing the school BOND  currently up for a public vote. Potential charges are being considered by the Kitsap County Prosecutor's Office. Evans was placed on paid administrative leave by NKSD's board of directors on 2/6/24 and Rachel Davenport now serves as acting superintendent. Dr. Evans' leave was formalized at the 2/8/24 NKSD school board meeting by a vote of 4-0, with board president Mike Desmond abstaining from a vote.

February 8, '24: Public comments during the NKSD board meeting called attention to the failure of NKSD to address serious and ongoing issues with bigotry in NK schools, safety concerns, and the   from the proposed school bond. Speakers also noted not only the two votes of NO CONFIDENCE by NKSD teacher and staff unions last spring, but a THIRD no confidence vote by NKSD's transportation employee union and resignation of the departments two top administrators in the week before the meeting.


February 21 - North Kitsap Superintendent Laurynn Evans charged with misdemeanor in signs incident

February 13 - North Kitsap superintendent suspected of stealing campaign signs prior to special election

February 8 - North Kitsap superintendent placed on administrative leave amid sign investigation

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