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Feasibility plans for the PERC - Poulsbo Events and Recreation Center

Watch video recordings of the City's discussion on feasibility plans for the PERC (Poulsbo Events and Recreation Center). Should the city and county spend $12 million for two soccer fields near Walmart when many streets won't be repaired for up to 10 years from now because of budget constraints? What about affordable housing? And senior services and amenities when (according to the city Planning Dept.) 40% of Poulsbo's population will be over the age of 60 within 8 years? (10/23: add the arrival over the next two years of 600 students for Olympic College's expanding programs for healthcare providers - where will they live? and a proposed major Sports Plex development off Bond Rd. just outside the city limits that could render the PERC irrelevant. That's a lot of new variables for such an investment of public funds. We think the city needs to hit the pause button and take a deeper look at this project (the decision deadline is soft).

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