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I work on the inner planes to nourish and protect activists worldwide fighting on the frontlines for environmental, economic and social justice. This is done in part through a group meditation called Transmission Meditation which I have practiced for 33 years.

For as long, I have been a student of the Ageless Wisdom Teaching which posits that all outer effects are prompted by subjective causes. By an understanding of these causes we can begin to have hope for the future of humanity and for all life on planet Earth.

With hope, we can take action. In coordination with a group, our actions are potentized exponentially. Groups around the globe fighting for sharing, justice and peace for all are linked subjectively and are assisted by the Great Teachers of the human race. We are never alone in this fight. I'm excited to support Poulsbo For All, and to lend a hand subjectively and objectively. Solidarity from South Seattle! ❤️🌐


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